Happy Home Guide

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X Happy

Welcome to our happy home. We love to keep it happy all the time. You can help out alot just by being happy yourself!

With tons of fun activities and events, there's always something to entertain and amuse yourself.

X Open

We are an open home. Open hearts, open minds and open spaces make living a great experience!

You can help out by keeping an open mind and heart, too! You can also clean up after yourself and keep the
areas open and clean!

X Mild

Please help us keep our home mild and subtle. Home should be pleasant, comfortable, warm and safe.

You can help by managing your emotions and communicating effectively with us. We'll do the same, that's a promise!

X Environment

Love your neighbors. Be kind and sweet all the time! That's what makes a house a home.

You can help by being understanding, respectful, and gentle in all your affairs here.

X Happy Home Rules

Behavior is each person's responsibility
Anyone Accused of breaking one of these rules MUST stop immediately and take a timeout. And then, they MUST address and correct the issue.

X Kitchen
Kitchen Hours Of Operation

Breakfast: 7:00AM

Lunch: 11:30AM

Dinner: 6:00PM

  • 5:45AM - 6:15AM
  • 11:45PM - 12:30AM
  • 3:30PM - 4:00PM
  • 8:45PM - 9:15PM

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