Littlebird Hyperport Terms of Service

By accessing, attempting to access or continuing to access any Littlebird Resource, including, but not limited to The Littlebird Beta Hyperport, you are agreeing to have read and agreed to the following Terms of Service

  1. Littlebird's Hyperport Mainland is only accessible to Active Members of The Hyperport Access Group(HAG), which consists of those who have agreed to comply with these Terms.
    All Visitors are required to have this Group Active at all times when in our Hyperport Mainland.

  2. Although our OpenSimulator/HG Visitors have immunity from the Hyperport Games, anyone found to be in violation, either of Littlebird's Terms of Service or of The Hyperport Laws, will be asked to leave immediately and further action may be taken by the Littlebird Hyperport, depending on various factors. Typically, removal of Foreign Accounts is followed by a report being made to the Administration of your Home Grid and a call for them to take action against you.

  3. These Terms of Service are to be followed by all Visitors while in Littlebird's Hyperport Mainland without exception.

  4. All visitors are required to respect the Region Rating in all Hyperport Mainland Regions and all mainland-connected Regions throughout the Hyperport

  5. No Visitor shall travel beyond the Hyperport Mainland. Those unfortunate few who do find themselves Off The Grid will certainly regret it, as this act will immediate and irreversibly strip them of their immunity from the Hyperport's Avatar Rectification System.

  6. No User, whether foreign or domestic, shall be found to be using or attempting to use or otherwise access the Hyperport via any unauthorized client or in any other way committing fraud, theft or forgery of contents.

  7. By accessing Littlebird Grid, including The Beta Hyperport, you authorize Littlebird Grid, Operator1 and Littlebird Beta Hyperport to track and record data, including, but limited to, your IP, Mac ID, avatar data, attachment data, etc. for the purpose of security and enforcement of the Laws of Littlebird

  8. All Avatars must obey any order from a Moderator, Administrator or any other Official Littlebird Account or Avatar. Failure to do so will result in actions against the offender(s).

  9. No form of defamation or harassment is tolerable and you agree to refrain therefrom.

  10. Real Life Crimes which are committed in connection with your avatar(s) within the Hyperport will be reported to the proper authorities, including your home grid, your country, the United States of America, and Interpol. Any damages received or intented to target Littlebird Grid or Operator1 will be followed by legal suit and charges against you in real life.

  11. You agree to use the services responsibly and as they were intended. Misuse of Littlebird Grid's Resources is a serious violation.

We thank you for your consideration and continued compliance.

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