Buy land in the Hyperport Mainland

Mainland-connected Regions and Parcels are now up for grabs starting at only USD $7.99 for a full region!

Offer valid through Christmas 2019.
Some restrictions apply.

Welcome to the Hyperport!

Come into the Grid and experience all the fun and excitement you can handle!
We offer custom content and a unique Grid Management & Enforcement System for your security and enjoyment. Be sure to have a look at the rules before proceeding beyond the Safehub.

Want to become a Resident of Littlebird?

Littlebird is one of the most difficult Grids to become a Resident of! Our Hyperport Mainland is designed specifically to host our Hypergrid/OpenSimulator Visitors and Residents of Level 3 and above. Those Visitors who do wish to become members are asked to be active citizens of the Hyperport for at least one megacycle (approximately 6 months) and remain in good standing with the Grid prior to requesting a membership application. All accounts are created manually by the system. We advise ALL visitors to review and adhere to both the Littlebird Terms of Service and the Common Law of the Grid.

You're not in OpenSim anymore....

Littlebird welcomes you to the future

Littlebird's Hyperport Games

Littlebird Grid presents its weekly Hyperport Games, a thrilling and one-of-a-kind event open to all residents Level 3 and above, and to all our Hypergrid/OpenSimulator Visitors. Held every Sunday at the Aeon Arena in Welcome!

Come and see what all the fuss is about as you experience the power of the Grid by watching the players match up in the greatest showdown in the metaverse!