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  • Character design
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  • Sample Readings
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  • Word List (official)
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  • Pronunciation
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  • Sentence Structure
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  • R'lyehian Dictionary
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  • Word Type Word/phrase meanings example usage
    suffix, noun agl place,location shuggagl
    noun ah act, action h'ah
    noun, verb 'ai speak, speech cthulhu r'lyehian 'ai
    noun, verb athg agreement, agree peter cthulhu s'uhn athg
    noun 'bthnk body, essence ya kadishtu y'bthnk
    noun bug go Samantha r'luhagl bug
    prefix c we cee ilyaa hai
    noun, verb ch' cross, travel, change, alter ya ph'ftaghu ch' hai
    noun chtenff brotherhood, society, community ya chtenff sll'ha
    noun ebumna pit ebumna n'gha
    noun, verb ee answer ya ee stell'bsna
    noun, verb ehye cohesion, integrity, whole ya ehye ah
    ep after ya ep fhtagn hai
    prefix f' they/their f'agl
    noun 'fhalma mother monica y'fhalma
    noun, verb fhtagn wait, rest, sleep, stay cthulhu fhtagn
    noun, verb fm'latgh burn, fire, hot/warm ebumna fm'latgh
    noun ftaghu skin, boundary, surface see "ch'"
    geb here, there, this, that ya geb fhtagn
    noun gnaiih father mark y'gnaiih
    noun gof'nn child, children ygoff'nn
    noun, verb goka give, issue forth/eject, grant, put, to plant ya h'goka gotha
    noun, verb gotha wish, petition, selection, choice see "goka"
    noun grah'n lost one, lost, missing, larva/baby ya grah'n ah
    prefix h' it/its/he/she/his/her see "goka"
    noun hafh'drn priest, summoner, petitioner ya cthulhu hafh'drn
    hai now ya fhtagn hai
    noun hlirgh heretic ya hafh'drn hlirgh
    noun, verb hrii follow, follower, mimick cthulhu hrii
    phrase hupadgh from, born, lineage, origin cthulhu hupadgh ah
    verb ilyaa expect, stop, wait, slow see "c"
    noun, verb k'yarnak share, exchange, trade, commune, eat/feast, grow c'bthnk k'yarnak
    noun, verb kadishtu understand, know, think, learn ya k'na kadishtu
    noun, verb k'na question, query ya h'k'na na-kadisshtu
    phrase li'hee on pain of ya li'hee n'gha
    llll beside, near ya llll cthulhu fhtagn
    noun lloig mind, spirit/soul, cloud/smoke/fog lloig cthulhu goka
    noun, verb lw'nafh dream, transmit, tranfer ya yn'gha lw'nafh
    conjection mg yet
    noun mnahn' worthless, garbage, scraps s'uhn mnahn' ah hai
    noun, verb n'gha death, die h'n'gha
    noun n'ghft dark,darkness,black,night ebumna n'ghft
    prefix nafl/na no, not, anti-, negation/reversal/inversion ya na-fhtagn hai
    prefix ng and, then, also, plus, large ya ilyaa, ngee
    noun nglui threshold, barrier, wall, curtain/veil ya nglui ch'
    nilgh'ri any, every, all, each, totality, world/universe nilgh'ri uh'e n'gh
    prefix, verb nnn save, watch, see, look, protect, keep, hold h'nnnya
    verb, nog come, approach, almost n'gha nog hai
    noun nw head/lead, leader, king, owner, representative, place/location, land h'n'gha nw
    phrase nyth servant, helper, mate, partner, friend, bond cthulhunyth
    og to emphasize nogog!!!
    verb, noun ooboshu visit ya phlegeth ooboshu
    phrase or force, power, energy, aspect of shuggor
    noun orr'e soul, spirit, aether, field, electricity, software ya naflorr'e
    suffix, noun oth native of shuggoth
    prefix, phrase ph' over, above, beyond, far, much, high, up ph'ngglui
    phrase phlegeth realm of information, library, website, source code, the internet see "ooboshu"
    the rlyehian alphabet
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    about this tutorial
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  • Thank you for your commitment to your Ascension and congratulations on your investment in learning the language of R'lyehian!
    R'lyehian is the language used by the followers of the cult of cthulhu and is a ceremonial language by definition. specific details of r'ylehian can be found in the Bible of Cthulhu, which is available from Cult directly. Alternatively, you can attend the free weekly Bible Readings on the Cult Discord or attend the famous miskatonic university, which is provided by the Cult itself at absolutely no charge whatsoever and serves those who would heed the call in their ascension. You can find out more about the cult of cthulhu on its official website.

    this tutorial is designed to assist new cultists in learning the r'lyehian language as a part of their ascension process. While not strictly required for this program, it is highly recommended that the cultist does not proceed with the tutorials herein contained until having acquired, and read at least once in its entirity , a copy of the Bible of Cthulhu. If you cannot afford to purchase a copy of your own, the author urges you to attend the weekly readings linked in the previous paragraph, where you will find viewable print of various sections from the Bible of cthulhu. The materials presented in this program are designed to be easy and fun to learn and use, with the purpose of engaging the cultist's lloig and 'bthnk in an immersive learning environment that encourages focused habituatual use of r'lyehian in everyday communications. While r'lyehian is not a language meant to be used in everyday communications, this immersive learning atmosphere will promote healthy use of the language so it may be used confidently by the cultist in any situation.
    about the language
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  • R'lyehian is the language of the old gods and thus, it is the language that cultists within the cult of cthulhu use the revere and honour them. r'lyehian is not a common use language, but a ceremonial one. Cultists use r'lyehian in rituals, gatherings and any other cult working, as they see fit, whether that working be solitary or a group activity. cultists also use r'lyehian for the creation of idols, sigils and numerous other creations and adornments, as well as journalling and dreamlands work. More information concerning r'lyehian can be found in the Bible of Cthulhu.
    common phrases
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